Hi there! My name is Michaelyn and I’m the voice behind Sincerely Michaelyn. (Also formerly known as “The Mousekatools Mom!”) I’m a mom to three beautiful girls and the most handsome boy in the world.  I started blogging with the purpose of helping people with their Disneyland vacations, but my focus has since shifted to blogging about my family and living life through Disney colored glasses. I talk about places I like to travel, products I like, things I craft, and food I make. Of course, you’ll still find a healthy dose of Disney here!

Now, a little bit about me! I grew up in Southern California and was blessed with spending my childhood tap dancing on stage, relaxing at the beach, snowboarding in the mountains, and of course, playing at Disneyland! Now, my family and I live in Northern California and have a whole new world to explore up here! In all of my “free time” I have been working towards a degree in nursing…which, fingers crossed, I’m inching closer to!

I hope you’ll join my family of 6 and I as we journey through life!