Best Disneyland Photo Spots

Disneyland is an amazing place to be with so much to see and do. More importantly, there are so many opportunities to make memories with your friends and loved ones! What better way to remind yourself of those memories made than to take pictures of them being made. Here are six of my favorite photo spots at the Happiest Place on Earth!

1) Main Street USA. Pose for a fun picture just behind the flagpole where you you can get a classic shot of main street all the way down to the castle. Better yet, during certain seasonal celebrations, there will be a festive display just waiting for you and family to grab a camera and make a memory. Taking this picture will not only remind you of the fun you had, but it’ll remind you what time of year your trip was and the fun holiday/themed events that were happening during that time. For example, you can find the big Mickey Pumpkin here during October and a gigantic Christmas tree here in November and December. pictures end april 09 - beginning july 023


2) Head over to the Tiki Room queue for some great tropical pictures! Only the most skilled Disney eye will be able to tell the difference between this part of Disneyland and Hawaii! I mean, unless you’re wearing your mouse ears and your “I’m celebrating” button while snacking on a dole whip. Then it might become a little obvious, but still, it makes for a great photo spot.



3) When you first walk through the turnstyles of the park, you’ll find the big Mickey floral display.  This just happens to be one of those iconic pictures you have to take when you visit the “happiest place on Earth.”If you hand your camera/phone off to someone to take pictures for you, have them hold it so that your camera shoots a “tall” picture that includes not only you and the Mickey floral design, but the Main Street train station in the picture, too!

pictures april 09 064


4) The Court of Angels in New Orleans Square is an absolutely beautiful place to stop for photos. However, in recent years, this photo spot has been repurposed as the main entrance to Disneyland’s exclusive Club 33. In order to take this picture, you’ll have to either be a member or be an invited guest.



5) The teacups are a great place for pictures. It is particularly great for little ones being that it is such a whimsical background. If you get a teacup closest to the Matterhorn, you can then have your children (or those in the photo) sit facing the Matterhorn so that you can get all the other teacups, the tree, and the little control hut in the background as well.



6) Last, but definitely not least, The Castle. The quintessential Disneyland photo spot. Sleeping Beauty Castle is absolutely the number one place to stop and take that memorable photo at Disneyland. This means that it is a busy picture spot. What I like to do is head to either side of the castle and snap that shot from an angle. You get the beautiful castle, the flowers, and the water in the background while keeping other park visitors from showing up in the foreground of your picture.




There are so many great Disneyland photo spots, but these are just a few of my favorites. Where are your go-to picture spots when you visit the park? Feel free to share below!

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