Disney Princess Tea Party

Disney Princess Tea Party

A couple of years ago, I wanted to throw a fun princess tea party for my daughter’s 5th birthday. I decided about a year in advance that this was the plan, so I had plenty of time to start my planning and search for all the right decor! I love the party stores with the plates and napkins all perfectly themed to princesses, hello kitty, pirates, etc. and I use them often. However, for this party, I decided I wanted to do without those and try to make it look a little fancier. I used an actual adult tea set with some extra tea cups/pots that I put flowers in for decoration. I actually found a few of the tea cups at a local thrift store and was kindly given a matching tea set and some other gorgeous cups from friends of mine. (Having 3 girls, I assured them that this would not be the last tea party they were used at!) We also used Chinet plates to give the look of fine crystal, without the worry of it shattering all over my floor!


The Decor

I used my Cricut machine to cut out a few decorations to hang around the house, specifically over the fireplaces. I also decorated those with fake flowers. I used the Cricut to cut out a set of lips for each girl and a frog for a game of “Kiss the Frog”….basically pin the tail on the donkey.




The Food

For lunch, I got a bunch of muffins and cut them in small bite sized pieces, fruit, sandwiches cut in the shape of crowns, and some pink wafers and cookies for dessert.

Princess Tea Party Snacks

Princess Tea Party Crown SandwichesI was going to make a cake and try to be all fancy, but at the last minute, I decided that cupcakes were going to be the simpler way to go. I got a crown chocolate mold from Michael’s and used some pink, yellow, and white colored chocolate and put them into the cupcakes. I think they turned out pretty cute.



Party Favors

The favors were easy to come up with! We had asked the girls to come dressed in “whatever makes you feel like a princess,” so as not to make anyone feel like they had to wear princess dresses if they didn’t want to. We figured, their clothes would be fit for a princess, so all we had to do was help them accessorize! We had little tiaras, rings, earrings and necklaces set out on a table for each girl to pick from. The girls (well, princesses today) appeared to have a great time with that as they spent quite a while finding the right color ring to match their outfit! So cute!

Princess Tea Party Table Decorations


Special Touches

Of course, Daddy had to put his stamp on the party as well. He built a little platform for us to put her chair on…just to make it seem a little bigger. We hung some decorative material behind her to frame out the chair (again, to give it some height) and placed some pretty fabric over the chair itself. This was her birthday throne where she opened her gifts.

Princess Throne

The BEST part of the princess tea party was the princess that showed up to lead the party festivities! Princess Belle (aka my dear, child loving, friend who was willing to put on a princess dress and played the part perfectly) was dropped off on our doorstep to lead the girls through the day’s activities, take pictures with the girls, and paint their faces! She was the “Belle” of the ball! 😉

Princess Belle

The girls all had a great time, which is the most important thing! And the second most important thing is that it was everything I hoped it would be and my party planning was a success! Okay, well that part wasn’t important to anyone but me, but being that I am a little OCD about parties, it was definitely nice that it turned out well! Hopefully this will give you some ideas for your own Princess Tea Party for your little princess!


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