Magic Abounds at Modesto’s Disney Store Opening

Disney Store Grand Opening

The magic at the Disney parks is something special. It’s something that takes you over, no matter how hard you try to resist. It is in the music, the food, the rides, the entertainment, and of course, the smile on everyone’s face (not just the young, but the young at heart.) It is what keeps me coming back again and again. I never expected to find that same magic in Modesto.

Disney Store Opening

The line to get into the Disney Store goes all the way down to the Sears and then back up on the right.

Last Saturday, I attended the grand opening of the Disney Store at the Vintage Faire Mall in Modesto, California. I knew that the store opened at 10am, so I grabbed two of my kiddos and left to be sure we were there by 10am. I had NO idea that there would be a line rivaling that of Space Mountain to get in! The first 500 people in line got these very cute Mickey ear hats (seen on the Cast Member in the picture below,) and everyone got stickers, jokes and fun conversations with the Cast Members.  They were even asking quiz questions like “what is Donald’s middle name?” I may have been a tad bit overly excited and started to answer that one myself, but I did bite my tongue in time to let the kiddos answer, I promise! (Cough cough, Fauntleroy, cough cough.) But back to the Cast Members. They were fabulous and out in force! Seriously, they had to have bussed in cast members from other Disney stores or something because there was a pixie dusted army of them out there, each one just as wonderful as the next. Their smiles and singing and chatting made the wait time fun and so exciting.

Disney Store Opening, cast member

We finally got in the store and, I have to say, it was well worth the wait! I loved looking up at the special touches that made this store unique to Modesto, like including the Gallo Center for the Arts and the historic McHenry Museum in the skyline. Of course, I’ve never seen Pooh or Bambi here in Modesto…. maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough!

Disney Store

Check out the shadows on the wall…see anyone familiar?

The kids’ favorite part of the new Disney Store was the castle! Yep, there is a castle in the store! It is big enough to be impressive, yet small enough that the kids can run in and out and around it over, and over, and over again!

Disney Store CastleThere is a sweet movie corner conveniently located near the checkout. We all know that kids get a smidge restless when they’re just standing there waiting for you to pay for all of their fun new toys. Having a little area for them to watch movies like Frozen was so very helpful.

Disney Store

Aside from the amazing Disney retail therapy, my favorite part of the day: seeing the Disney magic in the eyes of everyone there. Not just in the store, but downstairs at the meet and greet with Donald. There were grandparents in line with their grandkids, couples in line together, and parents in line with their babies. A couple of these people really stood out to me. This one family had a one week old baby who they wanted more than anything to introduce to Donald. The mom was so excited and had dressed up this sweet baby girl in an adorable dress and fancied her all up just to meet Donald Duck. Looking at my two girls, I thought back to how excited I was when I took them to meet their first Disney character….tears were flowing, guys.

Donald Duck

I knew that people would be excited that the new store was opening, but I just couldn’t imagine the kind of Disney love that would be there that day. Modesto is nowhere near Disneyland, but Disney magic has certainly found its way here! The next time I’m feeling a little “homesick” for Disneyland, you can find me at the Disney Store getting my dose of pixie dust!


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