Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Whether you’re in the Disneyland area on vacation or you live nearby, Medieval Times is an absolute must see! Located in Buena Park, less than 7 miles away from the Disneyland Hotel, it is definitely conveniently located for all of those visiting the parks, and it is well worth the trip!

Medieval Times Buena Park

A couple of weeks ago, we told our girls (ages 3 and 6) that we were going to take them to Medieval Times to go see knights and horses. They heard “horses” and were immediately interested. As I then proceeded to tell them that it was located in a castle and that there would be a king and princess there as well, they were all about it and ready to start packing for our trip immediately! Then I said what are apparently the 5 best words in the English language: “you eat with your hands.” That was it. For weeks I heard nothing but “when are we going to the knight castle to eat with our hands?” I started to worry that they might be a little disappointed once we actually got there as kids so often hype things up in their head and then find out that it isn’t exactly what they thought it was going to be. Thankfully, Medieval Times more than lived up to the hype!

Medieval Times King

We arrived at the Buena Park castle and found out that we were in the red and yellow cheering section and were given our red and yellow crowns. We were ushered through a lovely garden and into an area that the people who lived in medieval times used to call “the bar.” The bar area was very crowded when we got there, but someone who worked there advised us that there would be someone coming around to everyone’s seat taking drink orders. This allowed us to really avoid the crowd and just hang back in the garden. Having the little ones with us, it was nice to just let them run around for a bit before the show. And as promised, when we were taken to our seats, someone took our drink order. My husband got a jack and coke and it was $16 and it came in a holographic souvenir cup. (Soda, water, and coffee is included in the price of admission.)

Medieval Times Drink

Our seats were amazing! I highly recommend the Royalty package upgrade that gives you VIP seating, a commemorative program, a cheering banner, and a behind the scenes DVD. This way, you don’t have to arrive early since seating is on a first come first served basis.

Medieval Times

Almost immediately, the food started coming and it didn’t stop! Let me first take you on a tour-de-food. Lets face it, you expect mass produced food to be dry and bland and otherwise something you wouldn’t mind missing out on. This food is none of those things. It is nothing short of delicious!

Medieval Times soup


This is the tomato bisque and “castle” garlic bread. Note that the soup was much higher at one point… was just too good to put down! As you can see here….

Medieval Times Food

The main course was roasted chicken, BBQ spare rib and herb-based potato wedges. The roasted chicken was basically a half of a delicious chicken….and because it was so plentiful, we had it for dinner the next night! (They come around with boxes so you can take home your leftovers, which is great with kids who couldn’t eat that entire meal if they tried!) The plate pictured below is actually my daughter’s plate….with only half of the amount of chicken she was given!)

Medieval Times Meal

And lets not forget the apple turnover we had for dessert! Just try to tell me that your mouth isn’t watering right now looking at this!

Medieval Times dessert

And now for the show! The Buena Park castle has recently undergone a huge renovation and has revamped their entire show. While the basics are the same that I remember from when I was a kid, there have been a few updates in the music and the storyline that added to the evening’s magic. As I mentioned before, we were in the red and yellow cheering section. There are six sections that each have their own knight to cheer for. Our section often broke out chanting “red and yellow, red and yellow!” Everyone, adults and kids alike got really into it. Even my husband, who rarely shows emotion at all, was caught cheering a number of times!

Medieval Times Knight

The knights tossed flowers into the stands a number of times to excited girls and ladies! (Yes, the ladies were excited, too…..those knights are quite handsome!) At the end, our Red and Yellow knight, aka Lord del Font, was the champion! He got to crown a little girl who was dressed as a princess for her birthday the Queen of Love and Beauty. She was beaming!

Medieval Times jousting


I just can’t say enough about how fun this whole experience was. The horses are beautiful and just amazing to watch. My daughters both say that their favorite part was any part with the horses! My husband liked the sword fighting the best. While there were many amazing segments to the show, the jousting part of the evening was by far my favorite as it was edge of your seat excitement! The kids were absolutely glued to it. In fact, their faces looked like this the entire time.


Medieval Times with Kids

Medieval Times is almost always running some kind of special, so be sure to check their website or sign up for their e-mails. They currently are offering $20 off an adult admission and $10 off a child’s admission. Click here for their current prices.

If you flew into the area and are without a car contact the Disneyland Resort Express operated by Grayline at (714) 978-8855 for details on their shuttle service to Medieval Times.

  • Raquel
    Posted at 11:44h, 27 February Reply

    WOW!!, that looks amazing, now I really want to go in October. I loved seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces. I’m so glad you shared this fun night with all of us.

  • lex
    Posted at 19:29h, 27 February Reply

    I have always wanted to go but have never gone. I will have to do it now!

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