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Monsters University Printable Fun!

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Monsters Inc. is one of our all time favorite Pixar movies. I took my girls yesterday to see Monsters University and no surprise here, we all LOVED it! It was the perfect prequel to the original that set up a backstory for some of your favorite monsters. The one thing that would make me love this movie more would be having something fun to distract the kiddos with while waiting for the movie to start. Lucky for you, there are these great Monsters University printable themed activities that you can do at home or while lined up outside the movie theater to see this very popular movie this weekend.

Click the link in blue above each picture. It will take you to a page on my blog where you have to click on it one more time, and then you can get the PDF of the image. Probably not the most efficient way to post these, but I wanted to get these fun things to you asap!

Monsters U Student ID Card

Monsters University ID Card

I mean, who doesn’t want to become an official Monsters University student? Well now you can with this fun Monsters University printable!

Monsters U Memory Game

Monsters University Game

Monsters U Coloring Sheet

Monsters University Coloring Sheet




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