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This post is part of a series of posts for my #DisneySide @Home Celebration Party through Mom Select. I received free product in order to host a party and talk about it on my social media networks. 

Disney Side

You know how it goes with kids. Life gets crazy and you get busy. Too busy to pick up the phone or even respond to a facebook message in a timely manner. Kids are incredible, but it can be tough. This is why moms need friends. Especially other mom friends. Ones you can call and say “I am dumping all of my children on your porch for a half hour while I go grab a coffee and get my head screwed on straight again.” Yep. Those friends. These are people I wanted to celebrate and party with for my Disney Side @Home Celebration….oh, and their wonderful kids as well!

Disney Side Celebration

All of the craziness mentioned above is exactly why I decided to forego my awesomely planned pinterest party (which I will have to throw someday since it really was awesome) and go with the party that had been all planned out for us in our Disney Side @Home Celebration kits! It really has everything you’d need to plan a party: recipes as well as games! Don’t forget that you can download your own kit with recipes and all for your very own party! On top of these things, I did receive some awesome Mickey party decorations along with the kit I was sent a few weeks ago! Not to mention the amazing American Tourister suitcase, which I had to incorporate into the decor as well. It turned into a kind of push toy for the toddlers, and I gotta say, it is kid tough and kid approved!

Disney Side Celebration, American Tourister Suitcase

We’ll start with the food (because I am a major foodie who believes that every good party needs some tasty snacks!) I served a trail mix bar in these adorable little red and white striped boxes that I found on Oriental Trading (also sold through Amazon as well.) We had Ocean Spray Craisins, Cheerios, M&M’s, chocolate chips, marshmallows. peanuts, raisins, goldfish crackers, fruit snacks and chocolate covered Mickey pretzels (that I picked up in Target’s Valentine’s Day section.) The boxes worked out really well because everyone could create their own trail mix with things that they liked.  In addition to this there were Mickey chicken nuggets (from Costco….the second happiest place on earth) so that the kiddos wouldn’t fill up on only the sweet stuff. Since I am an adult, I am allowed to binge on sweet stuff and ruin my dinner….just don’t tell my mommy on me! I also had some gluten free chocolate chip cookies at the ready for the gluten free crowd.

Disney Side Celebration

We also made Dole Whips! Well not exactly, but it was pineapple deliciousness and totally worth the blender I bought just to make them! I may or may not have copied Epcot’s brain child after the party and added some rum to the already yummy treat. I think that Captain Jack Sparrow would have approved.

Disney Side Party, "Dole Whip"

And last but not least, desert! I had ordered a sugar icing image off of etsy that had a picture of the Disneyland castle. It was incredibly cute, but came in the mail a couple of days too late. So, I did what any party planner would do, and panicked! You can’t have a party without desert! So I ran out to the store and grabbed some pre-made (gasp) cupcakes and a box of Oreos and voila! Mickey cupcakes. Granted, the frosting was a little thin so I probably should have gotten the Oreo minis. Since my party guests were all moms who were used to going with the flow, we went with it and the guests put together their own cupcake right before eating it! It totally worked out.

Disney Side Celebration

As for the entertainment, we played the Disney trivia game that was sent along with my kit a few weeks before my party. Being that I am a “Disneylander” I was thrown by a few of the Walt Disney World questions. One of the fun things about Disney is that there is always something new to discover. And of course, learning new things about “The World” only makes me want to go there! If Florida were a smidgen closer to California, I probably would have already driven myself there by now.

 Disney Side Celebration

There were more games planned, like a bingo game and a game where we put pictures of Disneyland attractions in the order that they were built, but we didn’t get around to them. The parents were busy talking about recent trips to Disneyland and swapping trip tips. And the kiddos, well, right before my party, Frozen had come out on itunes. So, they were pretty engrossed in that for the majority of the party. It is such a wonderful movie. If you haven’t already seen it, it is definitely worthy of a family movie night.

Disney Side Celebration

As the little ones got hungry and came into the kitchen for snacks, they took note of the craft table that I had set up with blank books, markers, stickers, mickey shapes and glue. The craft was making autograph/photo books for their next Disney trip! I really like the idea of incorporating photos into your autograph books so that you can remember the moment that Tigger signed your book for all of eternity. The kids had a good time decorating them after the movie was over.

Disney Side Celebration

I also had devised a plan of getting a picture taken of each family in front of my glorious backdrop so that I could print them out on the HP Photocards that I was provided in my kit and put them inside everyone’s books. Well, many of the kids were not too into posing for me, and strangely enough, the moms didn’t want to wear the Merida wigs I had ready for them. While it didn’t quite go as planned, I did still get some great pictures of my friends and guests.

Disney Side Celebration

Disney Side Celebration








Disney Side Celebration


After it was all over, I sent my friends home with a bag full of the goodies that was included in the kit I was mailed as well as some yummy cookies I made just for the occasion! I was going to make them red, but of course, I ran low on the red “tasteless” dye. So I improvised and made them blue. No big deal as they were yummy in whatever color!

Disney Side Celebration

Parties rarely go according to plan, unless your plan is to have a great time catching up with your friends while chatting about Disney. The party was an incredible success and I am so glad that I was selected for this party as it made me take the time to celebrate those amazing people I have been blessed to befriend. It also gave the kids that much needed time off from running around from activity to activity and it let them just dress up in their Disney wear and veg out with their friends. I hope you’ll check out the Disney Side Celebrations site I mentioned above and consider hosting a little get together of your own. because really, friends and Disney just go together.

And just for fun, my friend even got her pets in on the Disney love!

Disney Side Celebration Disney Side Celebration

*I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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