The New Fantasy Faire at Disneyland


A few months ago I was able to go to Disneyland and visit the new Fantasy Faire! Let me tell you that it is a perfect addition to the park! For me, it just adds something to Sleeping Beauty castle to see this little fairytale village just outside the castle walls. The details in this area are so amazing that I have to say I missed a lot! (Hopefully I’ll get some more pictures on our next visit.)

Royal Theatre at the Fantasy Fair at Disneyland

This area has The Royal Theatre, which we sadly didn’t get to visit. (Again, next trip!) The theater tells the story of either Belle or Rapunzel with a new hilarious twist from the “Master Thespians of the Royal Theatre,”  Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones. While I haven’t seen these great shows in person, I have watched them on youtube and can tell you that it is entertaining for both the kids and adults….something which Disney always does well!

Royal Hall at the Fantasy Faire at DisneylandDSC_0042

As if that isn’t enough entertainment to fit in this area, the princesses have found a new home in The Royal Hall! After standing in line, (a covered line I might add, not out in the sun) you’ll get to see three princesses! One line for three characters is a steal of a deal. After you stand in the line at Mickey’s house to see the main Mouse himself, you’ll agree! Inside, each princess has their own individual meeting space. You turn one corner and meet Aurora, then around the next you see Ariel, and then you head around the bend to see Cinderella! (The princesses you see will vary, but these are the ones I usually see people taking their pictures with,and the ones we saw while there as well!) It is really great because you don’t feel rushed and your kids have that precious time to interact with the princesses from their favorite movies.

Instead of talking more about it, I’ll just post the pictures I took of our time in the new Fantasy Faire! I hope you all get the chance to visit soon as it truly is a magical addition to the park.

Fantasy Faire at Disneyland

Flynn Ryder Wanted Poster

Rapunzel's Tower in the Fantasy Faire at Disneyland

Rapunzel's Tower in the Fantasy Faire at Disneyland

DSC_0048 DSC_0049

Aurora at Fantasy Faire Disneyland Ariel at Fantasy Faire, Disneyland Cinderella at Fantasy Faire, Disneyland


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