The #PerfectPlaydate I Didn’t Have to Plan

Playdate planning can be stressful as a mother. You have to get ahold of the parents, set a time that works into everyone’s soccer game/dance competition/yoga time schedule, and that isn’t even the hardest part. The hard part happens about an hour into the actual playdate when the kids come up to you and say those dreaded words: “we’re bored.” Cam Bowman and Nichole Beaudry, two moms and friends of mine, have created the #PerfectPlaydate to keep you from hearing those words.

Avery & Austin #PerfectPlaydate

Avery & Austin, a new box subscription service, has the tagline: “everything you need to host a creative play experience for two, delivered to your doorstep each month.” Your box will not only come with a fun craft (or two) for kids ages 4-12, but it has a healthy, nut free snack as well. Seriously, this box is like my gift from heaven. I am the most indecisive person on the planet, so having all of the decisions made for me and packed in a box ready for playing is amazing.

Not only is everything planned, but it is planned well. These moms know kids and when creating these boxes they kept them and what they like in mind. Our box had two kid crafts in it: a sponge painting stencil activity and tissue paper flowers! And there was even a set of instructions in the box as well so you aren’t left guessing at what everything is for.

The second we opened the box, the kids saw paint and immediately ran upstairs and changed into their pre-approved “paint clothes.” (Parenting done right, folks.) Once they were all sitting down and getting their craft on, the most incredible thing happened. They had fun. Together. Doing the same thing. At the same time. It was pretty dang close to a miracle.

Avery & Austin, Kids CraftAvery & Austin Review

My proud (and happy) little artists!

Avery & Austin kids craft

Since the stencils could easily be dried and re-used, I even had the chance to get in on the crafty fun!

Avery & Austin

So not only were the crafts met with excitement, but the snacks that were included (2 Degrees bars) were a hit as well! This is really surprising since in spite of my best efforts, I can never seem to find that one thing that each of them want to eat… ever. Until today. Thank you Avery & Austin, from the bottom of my heart. Seriously, having to make four different snacks for my four kids and their very different preferences was driving me batty.

Avery & Austin Box

So there you have it. The perfect playdate. The kids have had a great time crafting, they’ve had a healthy snack, and I didn’t hear “we’re bored.” Not once. Oh, and I left out the best part! I even got a gift out of this deal! This adorable little dish is not only my favorite color, but it is something I can use! I’m using it to put my jewelry in while I wash my hands and shower. I kinda wish I had this dish a couple of months ago because then I might not have lost my wedding band. (It sounds bad, but hey, I held onto mine 10 years longer than my husband held onto his!)

Avery & Austin mom gift


My living room also got a mini make over thanks to the crafts that were created. I’ve been trying to find something to put in these boxes for years now! Finally, I’ve got the perfect decor: paper flowers and shell paintings!

Avery & Austin

Since I know that all of moms out there are dying to know where you can get this box, here is the info. Visit Avery & Austin at to find out how to order your own box full of fun and follow them on TwitterInstagramPinterest and Facebook for more fun #PerfectPlaydate ideas!

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary Avery & Austin box for my kids. I was not asked to review the box and I was not compensated for this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and 100% my own.

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