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Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday! Today, I am going to do something a little different as I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On the Road on Tuesday in San Francisco! I know I already mentioned to you how incredibly excited I was to even be invited in a previous post, but that excitement doesn’t even compare to the actual excitement of being there. I will definitely write all about the magical details of my day in another post, but today I am going to focus on the great lessons and quotes that really stuck with me after I left.

DSMM on the road

Our keynote speaker, Mindee Doney, is the inventor of a product that is ALWAYS in my diaper bag: Boogie Wipes. I googled her before attending the conference and had read some of her professional story, but google did her no justice. I truly had no idea about the amazing woman I was about to meet. Her personal story was incredible and the lessons that she taught were invaluable. And on top of that, she is someone who I really wish lived next door so I could make her my new best friend. I won’t tell you her whole story as I know that people are going to hear her speak today at the Disney Social Media Moms On the Road in Seattle, and some of you may get the chance to hear her story elsewhere. I will however give you some of the gems that I pulled from her speech….gems that I hope I will never forget and that will make me the person (wife, mother, friend and blogger) I want to be.

~”You cannot be supermom at everything,” but you can be great at some things.

~ “Motherhood didn’t get easier, I got better.”

~ “When your kids need you, stop. Just stop.” Be sure to take off your “work hat” and just be with your kids.

~ “Embrace who you are and what you do…and do it well.”

~ “Create the environment where you can work the way you want and need to.”

This last one’s a doozy:

~“The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want at the moment.”


Mindee Doney’s (pictured on the left above) message of balancing work, family and life in general really hit home for me, as I am sure it did with so many of the other women in that room. She received a standing ovation as she had moved most of us to tears. I can tell you that I went home from that conference, unplugged myself from all the technology I had been using all morning and went outside with my kids and just played. It was just what we all needed and I have Mindee to thank for the memories made that afternoon.

Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media and our hostess for the afternoon’s festivities, also had a novel idea that echoed Mindee’s sentiments towards actually being present when you’re with your kids.

~ “Look in the whites of (your kids’) eyes” when you talk to them.

AKA, don’t be tweeting/blogging/texting when your sweet baby has something to say to you. (I was definitely called out with that one!)

There were many more quotes and many more lessons learned, but for now I will leave you with that! There is at least one more blog to come about my amazing day and all that I learned, so stay tuned! If you have a great Disney related quote or thought to link up, please submit your link below! And of course, if you’d like to see what Mindee Doney is up to now, check out Juice Box Consulting. Have a great Thursday!

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  • Kate SDDS
    Posted at 20:17h, 27 June Reply

    This was such an awesome conference! Oh how I wish it was longer! Great post – I hope you will check out mine too =) http://sandiegodealsandsteals.com/disney-social-media-moms-on-road/ (i hope it is ok to share a link =))

  • DisneyGalGayle
    Posted at 00:22h, 28 June Reply

    Michaelyn I was so excited to finally be with you in person! So much fun sharing this incredible experience with you. Can’t wait to get together with you again soon!

  • momstheword
    Posted at 18:57h, 29 June Reply

    I had the pleasure of hearing Mindee speak at the Seattle DSMM conference. She really is encouraging, isn’t she? I love that she lives what she preaches! She talks the walk and walks the talk 🙂

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