Thoughts on the 2017 Disneyland Crowds and other Disney Chatter

We’re back! The Adventureland Moms are at it again. Today’s podcast chat, which can now be found on  iTunesGoogle Play, and YouTube,  is all about Disney!

Adventureland Moms Podcast


We start off by talking about my 4 parks in 1 day experience at Walt Disney World back in April. It was definitely a doozy of a day, so  if you’re planning on attempting the same thing, be sure to listen in and pick up some of my tips!


Becca then gives us the update on her year away from Disney. After hearing her explanation, she might have you considering the same thing. What are her future Disney plans? Listen in to find out!

Last but not least, we’re chatting about Disneyland in 2017. Crowd predictions: based on our Disneyland experience, what do we think the crowd level at the parks will look like prior to the Star Wars land opening? Is it time to pack your bags and head out to an empty park or will the throngs of other Disney fans be meeting you there?

You can listen to the podcast below, on Google Play on  iTunes,  or view the video on YouTube. If you enjoy our podcast be sure to subscribe and follow us on social media!


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