Preparing Kids for Disney with YouTube

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Red Loop. Today we are sharing about preparing kids for Disney vacations.

Getting ready for your Disney vacation is incredibly exciting! Especially if you’re going for the first time or if it has been a while since your last visit. While the little ones in your family are of course thrilled about the new experiences that await them, they may also be a little anxious. Heck, you might be a little anxious as well!  Believe it or not, I recommend YouTube as the perfect tool to get your kids acclimated to the magic of Disney, while keeping the excitement alive for the whole family. While you can search for videos that best suit your needs, here are a few videos to be sure to have on your list.

Preparing Kids for Disney

My son…a bit unsure of the wookiee! Guess we should have    prepared!

1) Getting There

First thing is first. For those flying to Orlando, if you’re flying into MCO airport, you might want to find a video showing how you will get to the Magical Express.  This video gives you a pretty good step by step on how to get from the gates to the Magical Express. If you are looking specifically for an airport video for little ones, you may want one with less writing and editing.



2) Your New “HOME”

Kids are probably going to be curious about where they’re sleeping. This might even be their first hotel experience. Luckily, there are plenty of YouTube videos with walk throughs of the hotels on and off Disney property. This is a pretty good walk through of the Disneyland Hotel at the Disneyland Resort in California. If you don’t happen to be staying at my all time favorite Disney resort hotel, just do a quick YouTube search for your hotel and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of videos to choose from.



3) Park Entry

For those visiting the West Coast Disney parks, this probably isn’t a video you’ll need to watch. However, for those visiting Walt Disney World, the MagicBands add a whole other element to getting into the park. While at Disneyland, you show your ticket, they scan it, and you walk through the turnstyles, Walt Disney World doesn’t actually have those. They have big poles that walk up to and touch your MagicBand to. A quick video showing how exactly this is done might make it easier for little ones to figure out exactly how to scan their band. (Line it up and touch Mickey to Mickey!) This video is great because it actually shows little ones doing it!

4) Videos of Kids Park Experiences

Here is where vlogs (video blogs) come in handy! There are tons of vlogs out there that document a family’s day in the park. Your child can see what they’ll see when walking down Main Street USA or how big the characters are in real life. With vlogs, you’ll get to hear the sounds in the park as well.  While I wish we had smell-o-vision so we could smell the churros, maybe you could just have some cinnamon and sugar on hand while watching. It will probably just have you wishing you were eating the churro, but you will be soon enough!


5) Ride Throughs!

This one is probably the most helpful for those trying to calm a child’s fear of anything from roller coasters or dark rides. They can experience the “frights” of the Haunted Mansion from the safety and comfort of their own home…with the lights on. Having this experience to draw from comes in handy when your little one is in line for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and decides that they’re having second thoughts.


I hope that these YouTube recommendations help you prepare your family for your Disney vacation. If you are looking for more ways to prepare your child for Disney, be sure to follow the Blogorail today and let our fabulous Blogorail pilots give you their expert suggestions! Thank you for stopping by.

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Preparing Kids for Disney


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  • Andrew Stanley
    Posted at 21:07h, 02 February Reply

    This is an excellent idea! I “make” (well, rather suggest) my boys sit with me to watch YouTube videos of WDW Must-Do’s and ride throughs just for fun, but I’ve never considered using the videos to prepare the family for a trip to the parks, especially as a tool for preparation! Great post!

  • Jennifer Kaufman
    Posted at 23:51h, 02 February Reply

    Oh, this is great! I would have never thought to include MCO, but definitely agree youtube can be a great resources to give your family a glimpse of what to expect for their trip! You’re right – the only thing that would make the videos better is smell-o-vision! 🙂

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